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What You Should Know About Third-Party Public Procurement Monitoring

The government uses a large amount of funds in service delivery in order to benefit the public. If procurement is done in the right way, the government can use it to identify the needs of the public and work out the best solution to the problems being faced. Failure to address all issues involved in the procurement process could lead to an imbalance of resources or improper use of funds. This is why third-party monitoring or public procurement is necessary.

The large amount of money dealt in when it comes to public procurement is a source of issues by itself. This includes corruption and complex contractual agreements some of which may fleece money from the government. Monitoring the efficiency and proper usage of funds is, therefore, necessary if the public is to benefit from the processes. The public relies on transparency to know how funds have been used. As a result, the people are able to know if the government is honest and performing as good as they would like it to perform.

Gaining information about public procurement is an essential means to the end and not the result. It creates awareness both locally and internationally and people start realizing its possible to hold the government accountable. While the people are empowered, the government is made to realize that it should only serve the citizens and not personal interests of those in power. The society also gets a sense of satisfaction knowing that their funds have been utilized properly to better service delivery.

One of the most common misconceptions that some people in governments give the public is the civil society wants to replace their government. These claims are definitely not valid. In fact, the main work of civil societies is to bring openness and transparency as well as protect the interests of the citizens. The civil society monitors activities by the government and provide the information publicly and the public should then use this information to check on the quality, quantities, and timeliness and the services delivered.

It is important for monitoring organizations to have a code of ethics that they can use to conduct public procurement and monitoring in order to avoid bias. These organizations normally have local representatives who are trusted to provide the actual results and not just an opinion with data to back it up. They should address the problem in question and work out a way to bring it to the public’s attention as well as inform the government what needs to change.

When monitoring of public procurement isn’t done correctly, then service delivery will be compromised. This will give corrupt governments the leeway to perform poor services and get away with it. This is therefore an indication of how much influence public procurement has on the lives of the people.

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